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Pure Bamboo Water is an all year round available plant water which we get by vacuum extraction without any solvent from our fresh cut bamboo stems, branches and leaves.
Pure Bamboo Water is an aromatic, clear liquid. It can be used as a powerful ingredient in beverage industry or as a replacement for water in Personal and Home Care Products.

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Wild bamboo forest
Organic certified bamboo forest
Vacuum extraction plant water
Clear, aromatic bamboo water

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The hidden secret of distinctive aromatic bamboo water is our ancient bamboo forest, where millions of bamboos are connecting into a gient organism by bamboo roots – building a powerful filter for our naturally enriched bamboo water. Get inspired!

Why Bamboo Water is a Superdrink?

• delicate and distinctive aroma
• pure plant-waters
• healthier refreshment
• high natural source of bioavailable silica
• rich in flavonoid
• naturally hydrating
• zero calories and zero sugar

Why to source your Bamboo Water from Organic Bamboo Industries Ltd.?

• Traceability: We have our own forest and forest management.
• Sustainability: Our wild, historic forest is not a plantation. Our harvesting is 100% sustainable.
• Certificates: Our raw material is certified organic. We don’t use any pesticide or fertilizer.
• Availability: We have all year round fresh production.
• Technology: We have the highest standards in our factory.
• Industrialized: We can offer you big volumes and stable quality.
• No waste: In our fully integrated factory we can process 100% of our input raw material.

• Best price: Our price is very competitive.

• We are Swiss.

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