Bamboo Water is a great raw material for your superdrink!

„The hidden secret of distinctive aromatic bamboo water is our wild bamboo forest, where millions of bamboos are connecting into a giant organism by bamboo roots.
Bamboo accumulates the power from the sunlight and the earth to grow, instead of being superseded by spent flowers; they vanish into the sky to be replaced by new and larger culms. Bamboo Water is a natural energy drink.
Our bamboo forest on Wuyi mountain in south-eastern China is certified organic by EcoCert. We can provide the optimal fresh bamboo water all year round. Every single drop of bamboo water culminates spirit of bamboo, the uniqueness of its living environment, and our great passion on this amazing plant.

We take a lot of time to produce something authentic and special. For our customers who value care and quality“ Christian Gerig Co-Founder at Organic Bamboo Industries Ltd.


Why Bamboo Water is a Superdrink?

  • Bamboo Water has a delicate and distinctive aroma.
  • Bamboo Water is one of the purest plant-based waters.
  • Bamboo Water is the healthier refreshment.
  • Bamboo Water is naturally enriched – by the fastest growing plant on earth.
  • Bamboo Leaf Water has high natural source of bioavailable silica.
  • Bamboo Leaf Water is found to be rich in flavonoid isoorientin, orientin, vitexin, luteolin, kaempferol and tricin.
  • Already in ancient China Bamboo Water was well known as healthy drink/tea.
  • Bamboo Water is naturally hydrating.
  • Bamboo Water has zero calories and zero sugar.

Why to source your Bamboo Water from Organic Bamboo Industries Ltd.?

  • Traceability: We have our own forest and forest management.
  • Sustainability: Our wild, historic forest is not a plantation. Our harvesting is 100% sustainable.
  • Certificates: Our raw material is certified organic. We don’t use any pesticide or fertilizer.
  • Availability: We have all year round fresh production.
  • Technology: We have the highest standards in our factory.
  • Industrialized: We can offer you big volumes and stable quality.
  • No waste: In our fully integrated factory we can process 100% of our input raw material.
  • Best price: Our price is very competitive.
  • We are Swiss.

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